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390th Memorial Museum

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The 390th flew its first mission on 12 August 1943. Col. Fredrick W. Ott succeeded Col. Wittan as Commander on 15 May 1944 and remained in that post until 6 September 1944 when he was succeeded by Col. Joseph A. Moller. Col. Moller commanded the group through its 301st and last mission to Oranienburg, Germany on 20 April 1945 and continued to command until 21 May 1945. At that time Lt. Col. George Von Arb assumed command and subsequently returned the Group to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Air Echelon arrived in the Continental United States on 4 July 1945 and the Ground Echelon arrived on the 11th of August. The 390th Bomb Group was inactivated on 28 August 1945. The 390th received the Presidential Unit Citation for the Schweinfurt mission on 14 October 1943. The Group also shared in the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to the 3rd Bomb Division for the part it played in the mission to Regensburg on 17 August 1943. In addition, the Group established a record for enemy aircraft destroyed by any one group on any one mission by destroying sixty-two at Munster on 10 October 1943. On this same mission the crew of Cabin In The Sky, a 571st Squadron aircraft, shot down eleven enemy aircraft. In total, the 390th destroyed 377 enemy aircraft and recorded fifty-seven probables and seventy-seven damaged. And, they were never turned back by the enemy. The 390th Bombardment Group (H) represents the values, integrity, and characteristics of America’s Greatest Generation. As the Museum shares their story, audiences are reminded of the qualities that make our Country great.