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Aerospace Industries
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AGM Container Controls, Inc.

Aerospace Industries
about us
Since 1970, AGM Container Controls, Inc. (AGM) has led in the design & fabrication of products that control & monitor moisture (desiccators, humidity indicators), pressure & vacuum changes (breather valves) & shock & vibration (tie downs, shock overload indicators). These products are used for a variety of applications in defense & aerospace, electronic, electro-optical, industrial & commercial markets to protect & extend the life of critical equipment.

AGM offers the same superior quality & precision that has been a hallmark of our OEM products through our expanded CNC Machining Services, Rapid Prototype,welding & quality control services. FeatureCam is used for programming your most complex parts. AGM is experienced in machining aluminums, steel, tool & stainless steel, brass, plastics & more.

AGM also manufactures the world’s premier wheelchair lifts. AGM products are proudly made in Tucson, AZ. ISO9001:2008 registered.