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Behavior Bake

Education - Consultants & Services
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Is your child or student’s behavior making daily activities a struggle? Wouldn’t it be great if our kids just did what they are supposed to without all the fuss?

Stop playing the guessing game! Behavior Bake has your behavioral recipe for success. Our scientifically-based workshops give parents and teachers the opportunity to collaborate in a laid-back friendly environment.

Years of experience has taught us how to help parents and teachers turn daily struggles into success through collaboration and use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This background has led us to create our Creative Behavioral Recipes Workshops.

Our innovative program will,

- help you foster support networks outside of the workshops by conducting classes in small groups of 2-5 participants, creating opportunities for long-term support and decreasing reliance on professionals

- make things easier to understand and enjoyable to learn by using everyday language and guiding you through the process as if you were developing and implementing a cake recipe

- present material in a condensed and simplified “plug and play” format over the course of three short weeks
take into account the entire family system and lifestyle

- refrain from use of punishment procedures and instead, success will be achieved through the use of preparation, replacement and reinforcement procedures

All workshops are presented by a Licensed Certified Behavior Analyst.