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about us
The goal of KnolShare (Knowledge Share) is to help people become more efficient, productive and agile in their career. Achieve your awesomeness in business and personal growth!

We enrich leadership skills through lean thinking and agility training to achieve value delivery goals from concept to cash. The journey begins with your choice of either our online courses or face-to-face training and enablement, followed by hands-on activities with leaders and teams to achieve your goals.

You Benefit with KnolShare:
• Optimized Value Through Improved Alignment
• Higher Levels of Collaboration
• Increased Quality
• Measurable Outcomes
• Higher Probability of On-Time Releases
• Quickly Adapt to Fast Paced Industries
• Better Meet Customer Needs

Our focus includes the following:
• Servant Leadership
• Lean and Agile Training
• Agile Certification
• Team Transformation
• DevOps Optimization
• Support Shrink-Wrapped and Commercially Available Technology Innovations
• Positive Culture Shift
• Enable a Learning Community

KnolShare for Advanced Teams:
Our training help individuals and teams to:
• Speak the same language
• Develop working agreements
• Learn and apply Scrum principles
• Learn and apply Kanban techniques
• Learn and apply Lean Thinking
• Learn and apply Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – agile at scale
• Establish Sprint-0 with prioritized work
• Develop DevOps automation practices